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Beginner Tips to Playing Dream Soccer League

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As you may have known by now, Dream League Soccer is a challenging game, especially for those who are not that into the game of soccer. After all, having a fun game that combines team creation, management, training, and competition in one title is not common to the free-to-play sports category. With that in mind, if you are looking for beginner’s tips and tricks that can help you develop the best soccer team in the game, then feel free to check our list of tips below.

Dream League Soccer Balance Team


Take Advantage of the Autosuggest

Dream League Soccer is an expansive game that features a colossal number of players in its roster. It means that if you are new to the sport, you might have a hard time creating a robust line-up of players. Nevertheless, the game will provide you with suggestions or autosuggestions of a suitable lineup using the players in your roster. The line-ups could be for defense, offense, or balanced gameplay. You can just choose the lineup based on your play style to make sure that it’s effective.

Short Pass to Victory

After choosing your player lineup, your next dilemma is scoring more goals during a match. Do keep in mind that the AIs in Dream League Soccer is not as forgiving as compared to other games in the genre. That is why if you have yet to master the full controls of the game, it is highly recommended to make use of short passes in scoring. Short passes, for the most part, are harder to intercept and will often confuse your opponent.

Get Rich

Dream League Soccer like most free-to-play games that employ the use of in-game currencies. If you do not want to spend a single dime into the game but want to go on playing, then you must know how to earn and manage your in-game resources. You can earn resources, especially in-game currencies in the game like gems, by completing the various goals of your club. Moreover, you must keep a close eye on the goals of your club and complete it as fast as possible to earn additional gems.

Once you take advantage of these tips, you can easily get by the game. If you want to try these tips and play the game on a bigger screen, download and play Dream League Soccer now by hitting the “Play for Free” button. It’s free for your enjoyment!